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Oh man..

So, I was wandering around Wal-mart the other day, looking at their seasonal section and noticed they’re starting to tear down ‘summer’ stuff. Flowers.. gardening equipment.. barbeque stuff.. That sort of thing. And I realized how close we are to a lot of things. Season-wise. We’re so close to starting the shopping for holiday gifts.. We’re close to Thanksgiving.. Monster’s birthday shopping.. It seems like so much is coming all at once, and I didn’t even realize it! We really ought to start holiday shopping now that way when Christmas/birthday comes, we’re ready.

Shoes.. shoes and more shoes…

I swear.. Monster has more pairs of shoes than I do, literally! He has flip-flops, sneakers, hi-tops.. All sorts. I think he even has a pair of swim shoes floating around here. No brand names though.. No Dansko or anything like that, but they do have pretty freaking adorable shoes. Their clogs look really, really comfortable. I’d kill for comfortable shoes right about now.

My sneakers are great. Comfortable and all that, but they aren’t easy to put on when I’m in a rush and they’re real old too so they’re kind of falling apart (part of what makes them so comfortable!!). Ahh well, shoe shopping for me will come later on.


I am by no means a control freak. I do not need everything to be in precisely the right order. I even like a little bit of chaos sometimes. But I feel lately, that there’s such a loss of control. Things have not been 100% okay lately and I’m working through it. We hit tough times, but everything’ll be fine. I keep telling myself that. So at a time when I have no control and chaos is everywhere.. I’ve been trying to find ways of gaining a small amount of control, to feel safe. To feel secure. So I rearranged the living room. And I’m trying to think of how to arrange my room. I need to deep clean it. Move everything and vacuum/sweep. I’ve been very on top of things lately. It’s been real nice. Hopefully soon things in my life will be back in order.. but until then, at least my house can be in order. Right? :)

Life insurance

I keep seeing commercials lately for insurance companies that have their life insurance quote, car insurance quote and house insurance quote all in one little package. Isn’t that neat? Kind of a nice consolidation instead of having to go to three different companies? And a lot of times you can get all three of them in a package for cheaper than getting them separately. I’ve never really thought about life insurance in terms of me. I’ve always thought of it in terms of my older family members.. my parents, you know? Well, my grandparents are all dead really, so who else am I going to have to think about? :p

Putting it in terms of life insurance for myself, making sure Monster is financially secure to handle my death.. God that’s an awkward feeling. Very terrible and unsettling, but it’s also a fact of life. Death is part of the life cycle. Ah speaking of Monster.. he’s getting into something so I better run.