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Anybody else a fan? I just started watching. It’s so good. I’m such a fan of Law & Order shows and wow.. This is amazing. It’s got great humor and Nathan Fillion is gorgeous as usual. I just am amazed that I didn’t think to watch this show until now. Upon a friend of mine’s suggestion (at much fangirl-squeaking over omgnathanfillionissohot and then Joss Whedon fangirlisms..), I started and wow. I just am blown away. The storyline is original and interesting. I love that he plays a writer and actually gets away with the stuff he gets away with. It’s cute and funny.


Monster takes a vitamin almost every day. He feels really cool about it (Yay Flintstones!) and feels like a real grown-up. It’s kind of running along the same line as when I was pregnant and had to try to take my prenatal vitamins every day. Some days I could and some days I couldn’t, due to throwing up so much. Anyways, I think it’s real nice that it’s part of our routine now. That and him brushing his teeth in the morning and in the evening are both a big deal to me. I’m glad I’m raising him to be a healthy and smart kid.


What’s the difference between acne creams and acne lotion? I guess just the consistency? Oh, another random thought on acne… Did people have these problems with acne 200-300 years ago? Is this just a weird, recent skin problem that’s developed? Or was it just so common that nobody noticed? I wonder. You don’t really read often in history books that Queen Eliza-whossit was struggling with an acne problem. It’s usually stuff like “The French were revolting” or some crazy activities like that. Never anything about them having acne problems.


Such an embarrassing subject. People get all squeamish and don’t realize how common hemorrhoids are, you know? They’re much more common than you’d think. Especially in pregnant women. Alas, people feel so weird about talking about hemorrhoids and treatment of hemorrhoids. Some cases of hemorrhoids get really bad simply because nobody will simply talk about it. They’re so embarrassed that they simply can’t bear the thought of talking to another person about it. Oh well. Maybe someday some of these ‘taboo’ health subjects will be a lot less taboo. One can only hope, right?

Awkward phases..

Even though I’m an adult, I still feel like that awkward teenager sometimes when I’m talking to older adults. I have to resist the urge to bite my lip, bite my fingernails, fidget and even stutter. I still remember being fresh out of high school and getting one of my first jobs and feeling like your typical hormones and acne, emo-ragey teenager. I was irresponsible, didn’t understand that I wasn’t always right (hell sometimes I still don’t ;) ) and was just stubborn as all hell. A few years and some down time, and well, the Monster has helped me a lot, but I still feel like I’m going through a really awkward phase in my life. It’ll pass, I’m sure of it. But for now.. awkward city.


Oh my gosh, really brings me back a few years. Remember when the button board was hip and trendy? Remember when there were all sorts of ‘directories’ where people could get their fun little sites hosted? All you had to do was fill out a few details and your directory submission was complete? Those were fun days. I loved going to directory sites like that and just browsing around. It helped my muse get her ass in gear a lot of the time too! Such a stubborn thing, she is.

Diet pills

I’ve been hearing this funny commercial lately on Lubbock local radio. It’s about diet pills and how much easier things were when they contained euphedrine. That’s about the point where I start giggling to myself because the woman starts listing off all sorts of diet pills. I’m pretty sure she even mentions alli diet pills which were all the rage for a while there. I’m not even really sure what the commercial is about, outside of weight loss, but it always cracks me up. I was under the impression that euphedrine caused some serious health problems, aside from the fact that it was also an ingredient used in making drugs.

Car insurance

Since we’re down in Texas now, I’ve been looking into a lot of things. Getting my license and getting my own car are at the top of the priority list, right after the other essentials. Even though I picked out the car and Mom bought the car for me, it’s in her name. I simply don’t have the heart to take it from her either. So I’ve been looking at cheap cars and how much it would run me for insurance simply for me. Places like carinsurancelist help out a lot because it does exactly what the name says. Lists off car insurance. Any place I can get consolidated information is a good thing in my book.

Hacking and viruses and .. oh… my?

As many of you know, I am a World of Warcraft player. Yup, I admit it. I enjoy the game. There has been an outbreak of hackings and viruses through the WoW community. Lots of people accidentally getting viruses or trojans on their computers and getting their accounts hacked, stolen and worse. One person I know had a virus so bad that it wiped out a good portion of his hard drive. Everything was really corrupted. It was a real pity he didn’t have some kind of free online backup service going on, because I know he lost at least most of his family pictures, if not all of them. I felt really awful for him but… why did he get a virus in the first place? Hmmmm?

Dominos Pizza!

So in the midst of hearing all about Dominos and their great, amazing new robust tomato sauce… we took the dive and tried it tonight. Holy crap. It’s so good! It’s awesome! It’s delicious and smooth and just… tasty! I have to note that I’m not getting paid at all for saying this, as I do paid blogs and stuff. But this is seriously awesome. I was never a fan of Dominos too much. I ate it every once in a while but daaaaang. They really did listen to the customers. I’m sure some people will still not like it but I think it tastes great!