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So bright.

The other night, Mom and I were talking and we both suddenly heard strange shouting outside. It was only a little unnerving because we were getting ready to take the garbage out and it was after dark. My Mother and I are both wary of dark, for our own reasons. But to add strange shouting to the picture – we were a little concerned, and a little wigged out. Thank goodness for the lightning in our complex. I doubt it’s Seagull lighting, but the lighting outside made us feel way safer.


Organic food is healthy, right? Which is why I’m excited that I’ve been going organic as much as possible. Organic snacks, cereal, granola.. Putting healthy things into and on my body as regularly as I can has actually made a significant improvement too. I feel better when I’m eating organically. Which brings me to talking about organic face cream.. isn’t most face cream ‘organic’? I thought face cream was ‘natural’ to put on your face?

It’s been a bit.

The past week, I’ve been pretty ill and not feeling the greatest, so I haven’t had time and even forgot for a bit that I was going to write about the best diet pills for women. I hate it. I get great ideas randomly, but then get distracted and never get to write down my ideas fully. It’s unfortunate because I wish I could remember. Maybe another time. :(

RV Repair

I wonder how much it costs to take your RV in for some rv repair? If you break an axle or something.. how much does that cost? It’s so big and bulky, you’d think it costs quite a bit. Kind of like repairing a semi truck or something.

Oh, speaking of semi trucks.. I think the reason RVs are interesting to me is because my Dad is a truck driver. I’ve been in his truck a couple of times. Being so high above all the other cars and just driving. It feels good. It’s really relaxing. Everybody should get to experience it some time.


Wrinkle serums are so interesting. Pop a few drops of a wrinkle serum on your wrinkles and bam! You look like you’re 20 again, right? Something like that anyways. Whatever makes you feel good about yourself, right?

Shouldn’t wrinkles make you feel good about yourself though? Wrinkles and laugh lines and creases in your face.. They all make you who you are. They signify laughing, crying, stress, excitement.. Times of intense emotion in your life. Do you really want to lose those?

Going along the lines of earlier..

If you have arthritis, do they supply a joint supplement? To make your joints work better and kind of heal themselves a little bit? Arthritis is hard on the body so I would imagine you would want to take every supplement you could get in your body. It sucks having to take pills but it depends on the quality of life you want to have and the quality of life you feel pills bring. I know some people who are really against pills. I know some people who have a regimen that’s like a pharmacy. I’m kind of ambivalent. I don’t want to take a drug every day, because I forget. If they made like, a once-monthly antidepressant I would be in heaven.


All I can think of when I think about ephedra diet pills is this commercial for Xenadrine. There’s this commercial that plays on Kiss FM all the time for Xenadrine. The woman just sounds so upbeat and full of energy. I kind of want to smack her. She’s so terribly annoying. I mean, I think the commercial is great. It gets stuck in your head so you remember the product. But goodness, that woman. Ugh!

I wonder..

What exactly is the best arthritis treatment? Is it a certain medicine? Is it maybe cold compresses? Warm compresses? I don’t know. Arthritis just looks and, I can imagine, feels painful all around. Any kind of relief is good relief, isn’t it? So while you search for the best, keep track of those “good” treatments too, I say! Every little bit helps, in my very humble and inexperienced opinion.

Bundle your insurance

On my quest to find life insurance, I noticed that life insurance rates are significantly better when you bundle them with some kind of other insurance. Whether it’s car insurance or renter’s insurance or house insurance.. it’s always better to bundle. It’s really neat, actually. If you don’t have any kind of insurance at all – you can get a really good first-time rate since you can buy all of it all together.

Skipped my mind..

It seriously skipped my mind that we’re just getting into graduation season! Season of buying caps and gowns and graduation invitations for silly parties that people give you congratulations on completing the first part of your life. Congratulations, you get more school! Admittedly, I never had a graduation party. Ever-logical me was like, that would cost money and I would rather pay bills with Mom’s money than throw a party. I don’t even *like* parties! Oh well, I’m sure people are getting really excited about their parties. I hope so!