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Gold coins

When working in a convenience store, I’ve received many different types of payment. I’ve found older coins, Native American coins, Canadian pennies among others. I’ve never been paid with gold coins though. I feel like that would be a fun way to try to pay people. Just whip out a few gold coins and say “Keep the change” and chuckle to myself. I’m sure it’s unrealistic, since we aren’t pirates and gold coins aren’t a widely accepted form of payment. I still think the facial expressions would be priceless.


I like wrinkles. I think they’re cute. They add character to people’s faces. But I can understand that many people want to remain looking ‘young’ and healthy so they turn to wrinkle creams. I just think more people should embrace their wrinkles! Wrinkles are cute! Why don’t more people feel this way? Just accept your wrinkles and be proud!


Oh diet pills, they come in all shapes and sizes from name brands to generic Phentermine and people buy them up like candy. Do they help? Probably. Have we had a chance to see the long-term effects of all of these medicines? I don’t think so. I don’t know what my opinion on diet pills is these days, but I worry a little.

Medical equipment.

One thing I have dealt with enough in my life time is medical equipment. From spinal surgery at the age of 15, to ankle surgery at the age of 16, to dealing with the ups and downs of my pregnancy, I’ve just about had enough of doctors, medicine and medical equipment. I’m tired of having things poked in me, needles shoved in me or tongue depressors near me. I don’t want to have anything to do with them. The funny part is: Spencer wants to go to med school.


I went to McDonald’s the other night for a quick snack. I always keep my receipts, for tax purposes, so I was eager to add this receipt to my envelope of receipts. I noticed something though. It seemed that their receipt printer was low on ink, as my receipt was faded out pretty badly. It’s difficult to read at first glance. Slightly annoying, but I suppose it will have to do.

Product lust

Oh, ipods – how I lust for you. Especially you, iPod Touch. Being intrigued by organization since a young age, the iPod Touch/iPhone are just so beautiful in my eyes. A way to multi-task and organize my day-to-day schedules. They look so pretty, too. Clean and sleek with a very defined edge about them, don’t you think? Maybe my product lust is making me see all the good and not the bad, but I seriously covet the iPhone’s my friends have.

Burn the fat

One fun thing to do when you’re sitting around bored is to read some fat burner reviews. For some reason, the technological language that they use sometimes to describe things is just astounding. I am a fan of being concise, which gets me in trouble sometimes with my schoolwork as I have word counts to meet. I generally feel like what I have to say can be summed up in a few sentences; it’s part of why my blogs here are so short. I wonder how many people that use fat burners and diet supplements actually read reviews about them prior to taking them.


Something I never got into as a kid was atv riding. My step-mother’s sister had a couple of atv’s but I just didn’t enjoy riding around on them. It was always bumpy and loud. Really annoying, but I can see why some people like it so much. Kind of fun if you don’t mind the loudness and bump factor, right? Though I feel like I’m not in farm-country anymore so the popularity of atv’s and riding them has dwindled in favor of… I don’t know, what do people do in Texas?

Favorite things

One of my absolute favorite things about working in convenience stores is watching the people nervously approach the counter with their “hiding items” when they’re there to buy zencore or something similar. Any kind of male enhancement, birth control and STD protection and even female sexual enhancement. I’ve seen people come in with their friends, notice it, nervously giggle and ask about it and then come back later, alone, to buy them. I think it’s sweet and I’m glad that they can have something that helps make them feel better, sexually. I’ve also had one guy come in, buy six or seven packages of gummy bears and then buy two boxes of condoms and a zencore-esque product. People really ought to stop feeling embarrassed about buying those things.

I’ll tell you one thing. The people behind the counter are more likely to notice if you buy six or seven packages of gummy bears than we’ll notice that you buy a sexual enhancement product. We don’t care. We just work there and most of the time, we hope it works out for you because we’ve tried some of them ourselves!