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Droopy eyelids

Because of Monster’s droopy eyelids, he looked like he is perpetually sleepy because he looks like he has a dark circle under his eyes. He’s not! I swear! He gets more than enough sleep every day. He eats well. He’s just got funny eyes. I wish people understood that. When he gets actually tired, they look even worse! I feel kind of bad for him but hopefully he’ll ‘grow into’ his eyes?

Apidex? No adipex!

I keep reading the term adipex side effects as apidex. I swear, it’s like temporary dyslexia or something. Anyways, that link goes to a website that shares the side effects of adipex and what you, as the consumer, should always know. You should really do your research when it comes to taking any kind of pill because they could have some really good or really bad side effects that you’d be surprised about otherwise!

Wash yo face

Monster has the luxury of not having hit puberty yet so he has no use for an acne facial cleanser, but man – I have to get on his butt to make sure he washes his hands and face all the time. Those areas get so dirty throughout the day, especially with his eating habits. It’ll be nice when washing his hands and face just comes as second nature to him, but until then after very meal all he’s going to hear is “Go wash your hands and face!”

Blinds are a blessing

For the longest time, the duplex I lived in had no .window blinds. This and the multitude of children roaming around aimlessly made me really wary of even sitting in the living room in my pajamas. I would hide out in my bedroom where I had a curtain up and hang out and just relax with Monster. We had the same stuff in my bedroom as in the living room so why would I need to go out in the living room where people could see my gasp pajamas?


Working in a large warehouse-like grocery store gives me time to peruse the goods on occasion. Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to start up a business. What it’d be like to buy all the intricacies that would make that business thrive. Even the little things like a barcode scanner or a cash register make me happy to think about. I’m not sure I’d ever be comfortable running a business of my own though. I feel like it takes a very leadership-type person to run a business and I’m a follower. It’s always something really neat to think about though.


Well, here we are folks. One more night of not sleeping. I seem to be picking up a pattern of sleeping every other night instead of every night. This can’t be healthy, but what can you do? Well, I suppose I could actually sleep once in a while. But that’s just not nearly as fun, right? Things are coming along quite well. Spencer and I are fine. He started working as a life guard. I’m very proud of him. We went to New Mexico the other day to pick up his new cat, Rika. Now we have my cat, Rena and his cat, Rika. They’ll be introduced to each other sometime in the relatively near future. Here’s hoping that they like each other.

Hm, what else? Monster is stir-crazy. Swim lessons can’t come soon enough. I’m stir-crazy but unmotivated and tired (due to not sleeping much). I think we might all go swimming on Saturday? Spencer and I were talking about it a little. We’ll see.

I was thinking about switching to abbreviations for my public blogs, by the way. Any opinions one way or the other? I try to be relatively vague in what I write publicly anymore, but I’m not sure.

Something to make you chuckle..

I was browsing and read 5th wheel warranty and laughed a little. It made me think of a 5th wheel on a double date who needed a warranty that they were going to have a good time, even though they were “alone”. I don’t know why, but that’s the first thing that popped in my head. I’d really like to go on a double date. I wish I had more friends that lived closer to us so we could all go out and have a good time. Not that I want new friends, no no. I want my current friends to completely uproot their lives and come to me, darnit. Is that so much to ask for? :P


Whatever happened to the whole alli craze? I haven’t heard anything out of the Alli fans of late? It seems to have either diminished in popularity or people just aren’t having any problems with it. If they aren’t having problems with it, that’s great! I know when it first came out there were a few issues but I think the makes quickly isolated the issues and resolved them. At least – I hope so!


It is really, really dusty here. I didn’t know it could be so dusty anywhere but apparently I should have just paid more attention. We don’t have a home ventilation system or anything, but our air conditioner (I love my apartment complex) filter gets kind of dusty so we have to air it out and shake it off from time to time, I guess. Not a big deal. I’m so thankful for our apartment complex, our landlady and air conditioning!

Fatburn–wait what?

It’s 6:36am. I am suffering from another night of insomnia. Instead of actually attempting to sleep, I’m google-fu-ing it up. So I stumble upon a fat burner and then a commercial for Proactive comes on. And I’m completely and utterly distracted to listening to LeAnn Rimes talk about her sufferings with make-up and acne and broken capillaries. Chalk it up to old age (I’m a year from being a quarter century old!) and insomnia, I guess. My distraction level is through the roof!