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Unlocking phones

With Christine being down here, I have had many an opportunity to oogle her pretty iphone. It really is just as neat as I thought it would be. No, I’d never actually seen one or held one before this past week. There was no reason for me to do so, because I had my own cell phone and most of the people I know have cheap cell phones. But since looking at hers, man I’ve been looking at different unlocked phone options. There are so many cool little phones, aside from just the iphone, that you can have unlocked and use on any network. Definitely worth looking into if you want a new phone that isn’t necessarily on your network.

Long week

Last week, on Saturday at 6am, Spencer took a flight to Washington. If you remember back from Thanksgiving, he flew up there to spend a week with a friend of ours. Well, she made the decision to move down here. She’s living with us and we’re all helping each other. She’s here, helping with the household and Monster. We’re helping her get back to a good place in her life. Plus – I love her being down here.

I had a complete nerd moment last night. We have all of our computers in the same room, since we play World of Warcraft together and man – we were doing some old school raids and having a hell of a time. It would have been way more fun if I weren’t sick as hell, but it was great.

Oh, and the past two nights – we have sat down at our dinner table and had family meals. She cooks well and Spencer and I clean up and it’s just.. nice. It’s like a little family! It was funny though because last night we had to move the dinner table into Monster’s room (where there was actually space to sit!) because our living room was full of stuff we’d moved in! It was a blast either way and I think Monster loves the attention of sitting down for meals and being able to talk and tell us all about his day.

Speaking of Monster, I think he has a huge crush on Christine (oh yeah – that’s our friends name!). He asks her for hugs and kisses all the time. He wants to hold her hand instead of mine or Spencer’s when we’re out. Oh and we went out for ice cream last night all together. It’s such a silly thing but I really feel good about this.

The biggest concern right now is making sure she’s comfortable down here and gets adjusted and learns her way around town. It’s only been a couple of days that she’s actually been here. The trip took longer than we initially thought due to some complications along the way, but it’s all sorted and we’re good now. I think if I can get her to a few “key” places (Wal-mart, my work place, Monster’s school) – she can learn her way around town in relation to those. At least, that’s how I initially learned!

Anyways, I have to go finish my schoolwork. I hope everyone’s having a lovely week. Mine has just been busy.

Romance is dead.

I was never one for dramatic, romantic encounters. I give my boyfriends gifts that I think they will like, not gifts that I think are romantic. I was never one for couples gifts or things that are supposed to “bring couples together”.

That being said, I’ve been looking through RedEnvelope this morning in my procrastination of schoolwork and there are some really amazingly sweet things there. There is this lovely little heart necklace with birthstone charm-like things that drape from it. I love that. I don’t wear jewelry often, if at all, but that is just absolutely gorgeous.

I think that it would be difficult for me to purchase something from RedEnvelope for my partner though, simply because I would shop somewhere like that with myself in mind – since I know that I like those little types of things. I may not be particularly romantic and may feel that romance is absolutely dead, but that doesn’t mean I can’t spoil myself or my friends with sweet gifts like these.


I want Spencer to be home. I’m irritated. Monster’s frustrated. We all miss Spencer and he’s not going to be home until probably Wednesday morning now. A two day trip is lasting five freaking days. I just want this crap to be over with, honestly. I’m not going to be able to relax until he’s home.

Promise rings?

I recently heard on the radio of a man who, after being with his girlfriend for 7 years, instead of buying her an engagement ring – bought her a pair of promise rings. There were all sorts of opinions about the topic but I thought it was a relatively sweet gesture. Sure, maybe a small engagement ring would have been nice but it’s the thought that counts – right? I thought it was sweet at least. It seems like the majority of people though it was really immature.

Prenatal vitamins as a regular supplement

I have heard many women who, after having their baby, continue to take their prenatal multivitamins to keep healthy. I have heard that it does wonder for their hair, their skin and their body. It sounds like a really good plan if you can remember to take the vitamin everyday. The biggest thing that I had issues with when I was pregnant was actually remembering to take a vitamin at all.

Sleep problems

Spencer has been gone since Saturday morning on, what was supposed to be, a two-day trip. He was to fly to Washington, help our friend move down here by switching off driving and he was supposed to be here this evening. Well, due to different delays and what-have-you they now won’t be back until Wednesday morning. I wish I had some sleeping pills because I seriously have such a hard time sleeping without him now. We’ve been sleeping in the same bed together for months, or what feels like months, and it’s just difficult to sleep now.

Losing the weight

It seems with New Year’s Resolutions in full effect, the most popular one that I have heard is the desire to lose weight and the search for different methods to lose that weight. The methods I’ve heard range from Healthy weight loss pills to running to swimming to more drastic measures like surgery. Personally, I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. Most of the resolutions made won’t get resolved, however – it’s nice to see people actually try to change their lives around. I hope that they succeed.


Monster will be in kindergarten next year, officially. He’s been in Head Start for the past year and a half and they’ve been doing really well with him. I feel like he’s smarter and more ready for going into kindergarten. The thing that I’m excited for is when he has an actual PE class and gets to play on those great wrestling mats. When he’ll be able to do rough-and-tumble sports whereas at Head Start he can do only a few things. I think Monster is a much more physically active kid so having that outlet will be wonderful for him.

On my own

Since being officially on my own (well, with Spencer anyways), I have developed a routine. Every morning, after taking Monster to school, I usually come home and then get my drink. I then put my drink by the dish drainer and do the dishes in the kitchen sink very quickly. Then, I will grab my drink and go to my computer and sit down and wake up the rest of the way. Only after these things are done, can I actually ‘wake up’. If I don’t do those, then I don’t feel like my day has gotten started. It’s nice to have a routine but man, I hate dishes.