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Table Tennis

I have never played table tennis, but I remember when I was a kid, my Mother would take my little brother and I to the YMCA. We would hang out and watch other people play table tennis on the little table they had set up. It was kind of an old table, but it still worked out alright. So this got me thinking of table tennis tables and browsing through at a newgy table tennis table. Table tennis is such a fascinating sport. It dates back to the 1880s! Really interesting, but I just don’t have the coordination for it.


I just updated WordPress and whoa, the dashboard is so clean and pretty now! I am so impressed. I really feel like I should know more about WordPress after using it for so many years, but I am still learning about it constantly. I love how easy it is to update WordPress though. It really just makes me happy because I’m always so paranoid that I’m going to break something!

Organic soaps

I have been absolutely fascinated with organic soap and body wash products since being introduced to a company that a friend loved. I have found soap and shampoo and body wash and make up made from everything under the sun, even mud soap. And my current facewash, that I love so much, has actual powdered charcoal in it. It works better than the other facewash that I used to use and I am just absolutely in love with it. I appreciate being able to find something that’s really healthy for my skin and still gets it nice and squeaky clean.

Lawyers and marketing

I have been taking this amazing marketing class as part of my BA and I have been having an absolute blast. We’ve been learning about everything from a marketing perspective, rather than a consumer perspective. Things as little as lawyers and addressing the issue of making sure your advertisements are within the law and still appealing to how to use social media appropriately. Thankfully, I’ve not had to research raleigh business lawyers because I don’t live anywhere near there, but a few people in my class have been looking up information about what business lawyers do and it’s always great to share that knowledge.

Looking and looking

We’ve been actively looking for a new apartment or house to rent for months. Nothing has been quite right yet, though. We aren’t making the requirements that we want anything outrageous, like someone who requires that their rental home has hd tv antennas installed for them already, but it’s still a pain in the butt to find something that fits our needs. We need something spacious enough to fit 2 adults, 1 child, a dishwasher and that’s child-friendly (as in the neighborhood). Preferably animal-friendly but the pet fees down here are a bit outlandish to make it realistic. Ah well, the search continues.

Diet pills that work?

Since summer is in full swing, it seems that all I hear on my different social media networks is about weight loss, weight gain, looking good in bikinis and finding a diet pill that works. Down here, the weather has been either so ridiculously hot that the parks have been causing burns or ridiculously windy. The thing that drives me nuts is the fact that some of the parks have caused burns to the kids playing on them, simply because it’s been so. dang. hot. It’s really nuts. Here’s hoping for rain, which hasn’t happened for weeks it feels like!

Happy 4th

So I work on the 4th of July, but I wanted to say a quick Happy 4th to everybody! We aren’t having any fireworks due to the droughts and wildfires but I hope everybody has a great celebration and a really great time. Stay safe!

Matouk Linens

Part of the beauty of saving things for your dream house is being able to look at things like matouk linens and dream about how you’d incorporate them into your house. I love looking at fine linens and pretty decorative things. I am not much of a decorator but I love seeing how people have arranged their houses and how eloquent and homey they can make them look.