Jeremy’s birthday is coming up. It’ll be his 21st. I wish I could do something nice for his birthday, but I don’t even know what he’d like. I know he wanted an iphone, but I don’t think he has one yet. It’s unfortunate because if he did, I could just buy him new iphone accessories. I could just take him out for his first drink at a bar, but I have no desire to go to bars and I’m not entirely sure he does either.

Ugh. What do you do for a 21 year old male on his birthday?!

Shoes.. shoes and more shoes…

I swear.. Monster has more pairs of shoes than I do, literally! He has flip-flops, sneakers, hi-tops.. All sorts. I think he even has a pair of swim shoes floating around here. No brand names though.. No Dansko or anything like that, but they do have pretty freaking adorable shoes. Their clogs look really, really comfortable. I’d kill for comfortable shoes right about now.

My sneakers are great. Comfortable and all that, but they aren’t easy to put on when I’m in a rush and they’re real old too so they’re kind of falling apart (part of what makes them so comfortable!!). Ahh well, shoe shopping for me will come later on.

Life insurance

I keep seeing commercials lately for insurance companies that have their life insurance quote, car insurance quote and house insurance quote all in one little package. Isn’t that neat? Kind of a nice consolidation instead of having to go to three different companies? And a lot of times you can get all three of them in a package for cheaper than getting them separately. I’ve never really thought about life insurance in terms of me. I’ve always thought of it in terms of my older family members.. my parents, you know? Well, my grandparents are all dead really, so who else am I going to have to think about? :p

Putting it in terms of life insurance for myself, making sure Monster is financially secure to handle my death.. God that’s an awkward feeling. Very terrible and unsettling, but it’s also a fact of life. Death is part of the life cycle. Ah speaking of Monster.. he’s getting into something so I better run.

Shoe time.

It’s about that time of year that we need to start buying new shoes for Monster. He’s outgrowing the ones he has, and even though they’re adorable Yo Gabba Gabba ones.. I’d rather him have shoes that fit comfortably. Now it’s a matter of finding the right brand, size and price. Dansko shoes has some really cute shoes for all sizes of adults but I don’t see any kids shoes there. Maybe they don’t make them or maybe I’m looking in the wrong area. Either way.. it’s time to buy shoes again. Ugh.


So with the talk of vacations, rvs and trips… here’s some talk about Westgate Reservations! I thought it would be cool to go searching around and see some of the places that we could go. Isn’t it always fun to just imagine where you could go if you were rich? Maybe I’m just a weirdo who likes doing that. But I have a great time thinking of where I could go, and what I could do if I had a bunch of money!

RV time!

It’s summer time, which means it’s the time of camping trips and cross-country excursions. I know a few friends who are out on camping trips right now (HAVE FUN GUYS!) and one who’s taking a twelve hour train ride to hang out with a buddy of his. I think it’d be really fun to go take a rv and go camping. Or take a road trip down to see Dad, then a bunch of other friends along the way. It would be so much fun to drive around in one of those huge things.

Saving money..

The way the economy is so borked right now, it’s hard to save money. Some people have gone hardcore green, in an effort to lower electricity bills.. others have taken to riding their bikes.. and still others just find ways to make their purchases cheaper when they have to. Purchasing things for wholesale instead of retail is one of those ways. You can buy directly from the manufacturer and get things for a lot cheaper than you would in the stores. It’s really a very neat way to shop, if you ask me.

Something I’m not paid for!

So, I was concerned about waking up in the morning (because I am a heavy sleeper and sooo not a morning person) to get Monster to daycare on time and me to classes. I was thinking, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a program that I could set up that would call my phone every morning? Just like a wake-up call in hotels..” and so I started googling. What I found was Snoozester. So if you’re like me, and would like a nice wake-up call in the morning that sometimes is actually amusing… Sign up for a free Snoozester account. You get 10 credits (10 phone calls) just for signing up, and they have some ways you can make free credits too. It’s really awesome.