Get listed!

I remember way back when I started my first website ever. It was a small little conglomeration of lots of little things I found interesting. I worked with a page editor and was so super proud of myself for getting it set up. I didn’t have many friends who were into web ‘design’, but I managed to find my way around to a bunch of internet web directorys and got myself listed there. Beyond that, I linked to a ton of people and they eventually found their way back to me. I ended up turning that small site into a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fansite, which later I closed because.. well.. I just wasn’t a fansite-running type of girl. But I did carry my networking over to my blog (it wasn’t Sleepless Nights back then!) and made sure to get myself listed in any web directory I could! It made me a lot of friends and got really cool people interested in my website. I mean, I just talked about boring things in my life and people would come and read and comment. It was so neat! I’ll always remember fondly the other things that worked as make-shift web directories.. The linkboards, plugboards… All of that. It seems so silly to be so nostalgic over a web design era in my life, but it was such a ‘cute’ time. I kind of miss it.